• Inspired Thinking

    • We are inspired by our passion for understanding people
    • We go beyond what people think into what they feel and imagine. Brands have practical and rational values but their emotional and symbolic values are what make people stick with them.
    • We believe if you ask thoughtful and provocative questions you will get richer answers
    • We tap into the wisdom of traditional, modern and post-modern disciplines to broaden our perspective.

      - Psychology & Jungian Archetypes
      - Sociology & Anthropology
      - Spiral Dynamics & Integral Thinking
  • Inspiring Strategies

    • That go beyond the WHAT and the SO WHAT to the NOW WHAT
    • That strengthen the connection between people & brands by bridging human truths to brand truths
    • That transform information into inspiration …data into insights…using a blend of creativity; knowledge; experience & rigour
  • Types of Projects

    Understanding Markets & People

    • Attitudes & Behaviours
    • Motivations & Barriers
    • Market Dynamics
    • Archetypes


    • Brand Equity
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Strategy


    • Campaign Strategy
    • Advertising Development
    • Concept Testing


    • New product/service development
    • Evaluation of products and packaging

    Other Specialties

    • Cultural Research
    • Social Research, including taboo subjects
      (sexuality, conjugal violence, etc.)
  • The Basics

    • Focus groups
    • In–depth interviews: one-on-one's, dyads, triads
    • In-situ interviews: in-homes, shop-alongs, at point of consumption/use
    • Ethnography

    Synergy Workshop

    • A highly dynamic, collaborative session that blends discussion and inventive exercises to foster creativity, depth, and interaction
    • The group synergy is used to push the learning by getting participants to build on each others ideas
    • Getting clients out of the dark ... they observe from inside the room which gives them a better "feel" for consumers via the non-verbal communications
    • A twist on basic focus groups
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    Collective Intelligence Forums

    • A larger group (20 +) allows us to uncover the collective wisdom faster AND it also gives us the option of including 'dissimilar' people (users and non-users, men and women, varied ages) to stimulate the discussion
    • Group synergy allows for creativity and depth
    • Projective/creative exercises push thinking into new, innovative places
    • Teamwork fosters cohesion and ownership
    • Exploring differences and encouraging debate stretches the boundaries
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    Archetypal Analysis

    • A brand itself is a metaphorical story that connects with the deep unconscious.
    • Archetypes have proven to be very useful in marketing as they are a great way to understand the symbolic meaning a brand has for its consumers.
    • By understanding the unconscious meaning of the brand for users and non-users we can identify what needs to be reinforced (the light) and avoided (the shadow) in brand positioning and communications.
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    Peer Reporters

    • We train “reporters” of the target age group (typically teens and early-20s) to gather the data
    • They are better able to feel and sense the cultural cues and any generation barrier is eliminated
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    Cinematographic Ethnography

    • Instead of providing a written ethnographer's report, we provide a movie with highlights of our findings ... it is so much more poignant!
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    Consumer Immersions

    • We create an immersion journey for you and your team into the world of your consumer.
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    Strategic Thinking Sessions

    • Weaving insights into every aspect of the brand strategy
    • After the study results have been presented, we conduct a strategic thinking session (as short as 2 hours to as long as 3 days) using brain-storming and ideation to empower the insights

    Ideal for:

    • Deepening stakeholder understanding of the insights
    • Exploring new ideas and perspectives
    • Weaving the insights into the brand strategy
    • Identifying new opportunities
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    Brainstorming & Ideation

    Great for:

    • New products/ideas
    • Insight generation
    • Concept development
    • Creative problem-solving
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    Storytelling Maps

    • We work with your team to shape your story (be it a brand story; a department story or an organization story)
    • We then develop a storytelling map that is a visual expression of the story, and facilitate sessions with stakeholders
    • Ideal for sharing a vision; or for gaining alignment to priorities
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    Online Qualitative

    Online Focus Groups

    • Allows us to cost effectively reach geographies we might not be able to otherwise.

    Bulletin Board

    • Creation of a temporary virtual community related to the topic
    • Provides a forum for respondents to share their thoughts and ideas while answering the moderator’s questions
    • Takes place over a period of time allowing for more thoughtful and reflective responses
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  • Maggy Faddoul Colleen Cooney Christine Larue

    Maggy Faddoul

    • Founder and President
    • Moderator/interviewer 20+ years
    • Talented in uncovering insights and translating them into inspired brand strategies
    • BA in Business from Haute Études de Montréal
    • Member of QRCA and MIRA

    Inspired by ...

    • Psychology - unconscious, imagination
    • Trends & Futuristic Thinking
    • Communications: Non-violent communications, 'Better Thinking', Brainstorming, Neuro-linguistic programming, Active Listening
    • Qi Gong & Yoga
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    Colleen Cooney

    • Senior Associate
    • 25 years+ experience in both quantitative and qualitative research (consumer packaged goods and social research).
    • She has a special gift for analysis and strategy development.
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    Christine Larue

    • Project Coordinator
    • Interfaces with recruiters and clients
    • Finalizes recruiting screeners
    • Coordinates all logistics
    • …all with a big smile on her face and in her voice
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  • Jan Bauer

    Jan Bauer is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst, who practices in Montreal, Canada in French and English. She has served as Training Director of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and she teaches at the University of Montreal.

    Bruno Monyie

    Bruno Monyie is our Associate Ethnographer/Cinematographer.

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